FESTIVE FIRECRACKERS - Know Your Influencer - Anahita Dhondy!

July 31, 2017

The super cute chef talks about all the ingredients that make her life a super success!

Last television show you binge watched?

-House of Cards


Common mispronunciation of your name?



Three Things on your bucket list?

-Sky Diving

-Visit the Arctic.

-Work somewhere in Europe


Do you have a Tattoo?



Beach or the Hills?

-Both, mostly the weather is the deciding factor.


Stay in quiet dinners or parties?

-A bit of both!


Red wine or white?

-White always.


Dangling earrings or necklaces?

-Dangling earrings.


Dogs or Cats?

-None. Fish maybe?


Your first job?

- I was incharge of maintaining a deep freezer that was the side of a room.


Do you like your handwriting?

-I do but it changes according to my mood, so not really when I'm stressed and jotting things down at a fast pace.


Who do you miss the most?

-My grandad


Which is the last book you read because everyone else was reading it?

-Harry Potter


What are you listening to at the moment?

-Drake and Hip Hop


Hugs or Kisses?

-Depends on the mood.


Favorite room in your house?

-The Kitchen


Rolling Stones or Beatles?



Favorite Ice cream?

-Mint Chocolate Chip


Your thoughts on TPPI?

-I love the fact how the platform enables young brands to connect so easily with potential customers.



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