FESTIVE FIRECRACKERS - Know Your Influencer - Angelique Raina!

July 29, 2017

While everyone else struggled for a cocooned 10-6 job, Angelique Raina decided to be her own master and go the consultant way. She started working at 18 but never did a full time job, and with more experience behind her than most of the people today she consulted as a CEO of a company at a very young age.

Last television show you binge watched?

-Game Of Thrones


Common mispronunciation of your name?

- Alt-Delete, Angel Q the list is endless!


Were you named after anyone?

-I was named after a series of books- Angelique.


Since you work for yourself, and mostly get to choose the people you work with, what's the deal breaker when it comes to  deciding whether or not you want to work with someone?

-The key to deciding if or not I want to work with someone is to communication. That decides whether I get along with them or not. It's very important to have a human connection with them. And no crazy people please, that's the real deal breaker.


Three Things on your bucket list?

-Travel and explore Cape Town

-Do vipasna.

-Learn to Skii


Do you have a Tattoo?

-No and will never get one.


Your Style Icon?

-My grandma. I still wear her clothes sometimes.


Beach or the Hills?



Stay in quiet dinners or parties?



Red wine or white?



Dangling earrings or Necklaces?



Dogs or Cats?



Your first job?

-Started working at 18 but never a full time regular job.


Your Thoughts on TPPI?

-I love the entrepreneurial nature of TPPI and the fact that young designers are promoted so well and given a chance to grow.



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