FESTIVE FIRECRACKERS - Know Your Influencer - Divya Arora!

July 28, 2017

The festivities have begun, as we gear up to welcome the most awaited season of the year! TPPI headquarters are full of all things festive as we plan our most favorite show, The Big Bang! For the love of quality TPPI has filtered down to some of the coolest fashion endorsers from the lifestyle and fashion sector of Delhi, who are here to tell us what TPPI has in store for their Delhi shoppers. But first, here's the introduction of our trendiest favorites spilling some beans about their lives: 



Freelance Fashion Stylist

Last television show you binge watched?

-Orange is the New Black.


Common mispronunciation of your name?

-It's a pretty simple name so none, luckily!


Three Things on your bucket list?

-Sky Diving

-Travel the whole of South America.

-Take an African Safari!


Do you have a Tattoo?

-No but I plan on getting one. I think when I do eventually it will be an important date in my life that I will never want to forget.


Your Style Icon?

-Kate Moss


Beach or the Hills?



Stay in quiet dinners or parties?

-Dinner at home, not quiet! ;)


Red wine or white?



Dangling earrings or Necklaces?

-Dangling earrings! (Bigger the better!)


Dogs or Cats?

-Dogs definitely!


Do you have any?

-8 and counting. I'm into rescuing dogs. And I strongly believe in the motto: Adopt, don't shop!


Your first job?

-It was with Seventeen magazine when I was in my first year college. It was a proud thing for me because I was just 17 and already working for something as established as Seventeen.


Your Thoughts on TPPI?

-Both Mitali and Sharnamli are doing a fabulous job curating a shopping experience that goes so much beyond the clichéd wedding exhibitions. The shows are modern and relatable. They understand exactly what girls today are looking for.


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