Celebrating the Journey & #MovingFOURward!

May 23, 2017

On completion of 4 years of The Pink Post Inc (yes, drumroll please!), the team decided to interview our Boss Ladies, Mitali and Sharnamli, the brains behind the brand.

Q. What made you first think of getting into the fashion space?


Mitali: I have always been a bit of a shopaholic. Even while in Warwick, Sharnamli and I practically spent most of our time shopping instead of studying, even being the subject of some of our friend's jokes!


A few years later my absolute love for clothes spilt over and became my business too! My label, Mitali Wadhwa, creates experimental, chic & extremely comfortable apparel.


Sharnamli: Fashion has always been an inherent part of my personality and I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to take my passion and make it my career from early on!


This passion is what prompted me to take up a job with lifestyle channel NDTV Good Times, manage an International Multi Brand Store at Emporio, and finally grab the opportunity of being mentored under ace fashion designer Manish Arora.  


Q. Where did the idea of The Pink Post Inc come from?


Mitali: After participating in a few exhibitions I realized that there was a gap in the market with no one providing a platform for like-minded exhibitors and shoppers. That's where the idea of The Pink Post Inc came from.


Around the same time Sharnamli and I were toying with various ideas, looking to start something together and the idea of The Pink Post Inc was discussed over a really fun dinner and we started in May 4 years ago, with just a simple idea of doing a small pop up with no real future plan of action.

Sharnamli: After dabbling in various fashion jobs, I realized that when I went out to shop, there was a huge gap in the market for young, affordable yet trendy fashion & lifestyle products.


Mitali and I decided to do something about it and here we are 4 years later doing what we love and spreading a whole lot of fashionable cheer to everyone around!

Q. Describe your journey in one sentence.


Mitali & Sharnamli: A roller coaster ride of joy, hope, optimism, achievements, pivots, finances, strategy, emotions, stress and a whole lot of drama! Except instead of a two-minute joy-ride, it’s been a multi-year ride!

(We’re imagining a goosebumps-filled  rollercoaster ride with our BFFs, sounds like fun!)


Q. How do you plan on #MovingFOURward and what does the future hold for TPPI?


Mitali & Sharnamli: The idea is to expand to newer cities, explore opportunities in the field of art and design other than fashion, and to continue having fun while doing what we love! 


Q. Your success mantra?


Mitali & Sharnamli: Working hard for something you don't believe in is stress, but working hard for what you love is called passion! If you can stumble upon that, your business is a sure shot success!!


We sure agree! Cheers to the 4 fabulous years!!


Some fun doodles by our team describing our co-founders --




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